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The raw material without any meddling. Created by heating biomass (mainly wood) to high temperature in a low oxygen environment. Then crushed to a coarse powder (akin to sand) in order to maximise surface area.

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Biochar enhances overall soil structure, enabling plants to develop strong and healthy root systems. Its highly porous structure acts as a sponge for water and nutrients, providing a home for beneficial microbes and fungi which improve soil fertility and crop yield.

Mankind has used biochar for millenia and today it is actively used in Europe, America and Japan.

Biochar is recognised as having a positive impact on climate change as carbon is locked away in the soil for centuries.

Biochar can be used all year round and with any soil type. It is suitable for trees, flowers, fruit and vegetables.

We recommend applying biochar in combination with compost or manure. For more information about how to ‘charge’ biochar please click through.

We recommend adding 1-2% biochar to soil root zone per year. 1% equates to approximately 0.85kg (~50 handfuls) per metre squared. Target 5% built-up over a number of years.

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